RM Abounaja Intellectual Property was established in the year 1982 by its founder Raseem M Abounaja, as a law firm focusing on an array of Intellectual Property services (IP Services). With its first IP office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates the offices have grown into 21 major countries within Middle East and North African region - namely Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Gaza Strip, Iraq, Kurdistan or Erbil (North Iraq), Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, West Bank and Yemen. This growth is nevertheless a result of our extensive caliber. With our reputation and expertise, the firm delivers complete Intellectual Property assistance within any country on the world map with the help of our dedicated team consisting of over 100 IP Professionals i.e. IP search & examiners, IP lawyers, IP managers, paralegals, technology transfer managers.


Our mission is centralized upon securing global IP rights by providing exceptional service rich in quality, security and stability to protect Intellectual Property assets and other legal consultancy whether contentious or uncontentious while creating mutual trust and long lasting professional ties with our clients during the encounters.



Our services are prompt, accountable and accurate since we concentrate on individual assistance in securing IP rights.

We maintain a close and unique relationship with our clients and commit to the highest degree of availability.We provide quick, responsible and accurate response to any request or query and pay close attention to every detail. We handle all your IP rights personally.

Fierce and Constant Protection

We are observant to track any infringements to our client’s brand by other budding counterfeit goods reaching the stores. We would advise the best way to tackle such challenges and overcome the ongoing infringement.

We monitor our clients' brands by hiring agents who regularly check the local markets and retail stores in order to detect any counterfeit goods. If our client's brand is challenged, we advise you immediately with the proper course of action in order to prevent the ongoing infringement. We provide you with a monthly detailed report of counterfeit good, if required. We operate Aggressive, yet efficient litigation in order to enforce your IP rights.


Under our client’s best interest we are determined to put forward most efficient legal advice that is beneficial to them.

We always have our client's interests in mind striving for the success of our office's clients. We have substantive understanding of our client's business needs and aim to provide the most efficient and cost effective legal solution for our clients. We will only advise clients to commence legal proceedings if such proceedings are cost effective and in the best interests of the clients.

Focus on Client Service

We function in a way that would help our clients meet their needs in the long run. Our team has aligned objectives evolving around satisfying and retaining customers by serving them to the full potential we can offer.

We understand the needs and difficulties of our overseas clients in monitoring and protecting their IP rights from abroad. Therefore, we tailor our services to each and every client according to their specific needs. We focus on client service and strive to develop beneficial relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


Our services are provided at a very fair, competitive and reasonable rate.

Our clients are disclosed of such rates accurately during discussions.


We believe in Mutual trust, respect, being honest and ethical.

We show keen interest in maintaining transparency in our dealings with our much valued clients.


We at RM Abounaja believe we stand out in proficiency simply because we specialize in the services we provide. We strive to enhance the value of your intangible business assets such as Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Copyrights. From the initial stages of identifying the IP problems of our clients to the bringing forth of its solution and thereafter concentrating on its results and due consultancy are all looked after by us. A fully satisfied customer and long lasting professional relationships are details we seek to achieve. From the very moment of getting to know our customer we try to understand them building up mutual trust along the way since at RM Abounaja we attempt to create an environment our customer feels secured in relying on us for assistance in getting out the best of their IP assets. Whether it’s an individual, small business or globally renowned company reaching out to us, we make it a priority to offer unique tailor-made consultancy to suit our customer’s problem.


With the comprehensive knowledge of over 100 employees at RM Abounaja in different fields of Intellectual Property are constant endeavors to provide personalized service and close attorney-client relationships at the appropriate means of securing Intellectual Property assets and adheres to taking the time to listen and understand the competitive environment in which our clients operate from small and large businesses with quality, timely and cost effective legal services in order for our client in order to offer tailed IP solutions and to take full advantage of their Intellectual Property assets.


Our clients are well known commercial and private companies from Airlines, Transportation Authorities, Alcoholic Beverage, Energy Productions, Automobiles Productions, Banking Sectors, Famous Bars & Lounges, Educational Institutes, Electronics & Telecommunications, Fashion high-end Labels, Hospitals & Clinics, Hotels & Tourism, Insurance, Magazines & Newspapers, oil & Gas, Retails, International Pharmaceutical Industries and reputable Intellectual Property firms worldwide. In an effort to pertain to our firm’s ethical standards, we maintain discreet client confidentiality in all our proceeding and always be clear with regards to any conflict of interest.


Over the years of practice, we have engaged ourselves in serving an elite clientele who have to come to rely on our company for the protection of their IP assets in order to strive at every level to develop beneficial relationships built on trust and mutual respect. We are dedicated to excellence and integrity in all our relationships with clients, colleagues, associates, staff and service providers alike with every new business venture we embark upon hoping to achieve nothing but the satisfaction of our clients and build a long-lasting professional relationship. A remarkable combination of IP Law expertise and well-studied understanding of the dynamics operating a firm as well established as ours has led us to represent a wide range of clientele worldwide ranging from individuals and small businesses, to globally renowned companies and organizations. Client satisfaction is not only our priority, it is our guarantee. We hope to establish a long lasting liaison with your company. understands the unique needs of its clients in planning, designing and managing strategies to effectively profit from their Intellectual assets. In order to safeguard your company’s future, RM Abounaja offers tailor-made consulting packages to your specific needs.

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